Offf has only been held in Russia once before, and because of this we wanted to familiarize the audience with our country, to uncover the particularities of russian mentality. We decided that the best medium for this is our classic cinema. After watching dozens of cult films we narrowed down the list to the most relevant, important, and interesting works, and recomposed them through the prism of the modern world and the digital arts.

Direction: Oleg Trofim

Art-Direction: Anton Shavkero

DOP: Andrey Krauzov

СG Supervisor: Alex Gorin

Set Artist: Olga Baturina

Concept: Anton Shavkero, Oleg Trofim, Alex Gorin, Olga Baturina

Actor: Vladislav Bordyuzha

Set Design: Andrey Zverev

Editors: Oleg Trofim, Andrew Shavkero

Music: Alexandr Knyazev

Color: Konstantin Kuchin

Producer: Maxim Pakhomov

Assistant producer: Sue Noruzi